PPF-2 - a component for automated trading of virtual goods

Component PPF-2 is a continuation of the popular component ComPayPerFile, improved and developed for version Joomla 3+ Component PPF-2 does not hide the link with the buyer's eye, it makes completely inaccessible unauthorized access to your files, without requiring the buyer to registration for the purchase of goods and almost no load on the server, making your site faster than other online shops.

After you install this extension to the site, you need to create a product by one application installed in component functional modules - Execution of arbitrary code, Sale of downloading the file, Free download file, Hidden content, Issuance of passwords. Then create your own payment system by selecting one of the preset merchants - Yandex Money, ROBOKASSA, WebMoney, INTERKASSA, LiqPay. Then assign the desired product payment systems and display it to the site.


1. For example we need to sell the file (in this example an empty rar archive). Paste the instructions  {payperfile id=хх} where xx - id goods) in the material of this article and see the button sales. After payment of this place will be a link to download;

WebMoney R1,00RUB


2. Another example of using multiple payment systems. So as you need to open a new window in payment:

Choose payment
Download link will be available immediately after the payment

Send to e-mail as a file   
WebMoney R1RUB
Скачать файл за 1 руб. - just a link, which can take any form.


3. Let's say we need to do some php-code after payment and repeat it for the user each time the page is refreshed

Pay for example. In this example will be shown your IP address.
WebMoney R1,00RUB


A variety of payment modules for your particular problem is easy to do, and then mount it directly to the component. We are accepting applications for the development of these modules from $ 50. So is being made and pre-established merchants of different payment systems, however, they are more difficult to do.

Of the features of

Multicurrency, automatic recalculation of prices through the Bank of Russia or the ECB. The ability to add a percentage as the currency, and on a separate PS;
Secure storage of private keys PS (encrypted);
Detailed statistics and graphs of sales with lots of filters.

Free Download

Download and watch component PPF-2 Download and watch component in the action possible under the reference.

Works with Joomla! 3+

To carry out the actual payments, the component must be activated with the-password. The cost of the key $ 40 per domain, you can get it at the bottom of this page.

The installation package includes the component of the component itself and the plugin groups the content. Through the plug-in, you will be able to display a button on the payment com_content or other components that support content plugins. To do this, insert your article instructions {payperfile id=хх} where xx - id goods. Then, on the page of the site will be a button for payment, by clicking it, the visitor will go to the server of the system and make the payment will be returned back. Now, instead of the payment he will see a link to download the purchased file or be able to read the purchased digital information.

Known Issues

1. Caching. Because the content in Joomla! can be cached, it creates certain problems. In general, the problem is solved, but all the same it is recommended to disable caching or install the plugin plg_cachecontrol, which allows you to disable the cache only on certain pages, such as those where you sell file.

2. The payment system LiqPay can return to the site the buyer before the site will report on the successful payment status. In this case, the buyer may need to refresh the page of the site in a few seconds.

The activation

Actual payments will be considered only after activation PPF-2. Here you can get the code to activate the component.

Enter EMAIL to receive a code *  
Enter the domain you want to activate *  
WebMoney R3 480RUB
YandexMoney3 480RUB


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