QuickForm - universal form generator for Joomla!

This is an old version of the component. The new version here.

QuickForm - compact and fast component form generator for sites on the CMS, Joomla!, covers the functionality of the calculator and affiliated (related) fields. Outstanding advantage QuickForm is a handy interface, allowing you to create complex shapes in a few clicks, as well as the unique functional clone of field groups of any structure and nesting. Component builds a robot protected form, spam filtering system allows to do without captcha. There is a statistics (history) orders for each shipment form.

QuickForm it will be convenient to use for a simple contact form, and for complex dynamic forms, involving a lot of different names and branched groups of fields. Interface natively, intuitive, but if you have any questions, below is the link to the forum where you can ask and see the answers of other users.

Example: Order form on command

Read more: As done in this form?


The installation package includes the component itself component, module and plug-group content. To display the form in the material simply insert instructions {QuickForm id=хх}, where xx - id form, to the right place material Jumla or any component that supports content plugins.

Free Download

Download and watch components QuickForm you can here.

Works with Joomla! 3+, Joomla! 2.5+

The component is made simple and compact, tool tips will help you to quickly understand its interface. If all the same have any questions, you can ask on the forum http://joomlaforum.ru/index.php/topic,228015.0.html

Link back to author

A component QuickForm distributed freely under license GNU GPL. In the component settings you can choose to display a backlink: visible, hidden, without reference. In the latter case, you will need to enter the code. Simply removing the back links of the files that breaks expansion. Here you will be able to get the code.

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