QuickForm 2 - form builder with dynamic fields and calculator

Maurits Cornelis Escher Metamorphosis (fragment)

Component QuickForm 2 is the sequel to the popular component of the old version, which creates a dynamic form on the Joomla engine.

With QuickForm 2 you can create a form of high complexity, including dependent fields at any level of nesting, calculator, order form, test, or support with a branched structure and convenient operation.

The QuickForm 2 is a component with a high degree of protection against introduced from outside code. No one field that is not incorporated into the structure of your form will not be processed. In the worst case you will receive an email with the destroyed structure and layout. He will check the calculator result, which will be sent to the user's browser, counting it on the server, no matter how extensive your form.

Discussion & Support QuickForm http://joomlaforum.ru/index.php/topic,330126.0.html.

An example of a simple form

A more complex example


The installation package includes the component itself forms, module and plugin group content. To display the form using the plugin, paste the following {QuickForm id=хх}, where xx - id form project, in the right place material or any component that supports content plugins. If your site is already has older version (QuickForm 1), it must first be uninstalled.


Download QuickForm you can here.

Works with Joomla! 3+

For convenience, all the field groups now are divided into projects. Create a new project form and click on "fields".Now you can create and combine groups of fields, creating dependencies or clone group. To change the order of fields, drag them with the mouse.

Link back to author

component QuickForm is distributed freely under the GNU GPL. In the component settings, you can choose to display the author's reference: visible , hidden , without reference . In the latter case, you will need to enter the code. Simple removal of author's links of the files will disable the extension. Here you can get the code.

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