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Module realTimeQuotes is designed for sites to Joomla!, and shows the exchange rates in real time. In the development of the module have been solved numerous aspects related to performance, security, and total load. The module allows you to display more than 500 instruments: currency pairs, indices, etc. Information on exchange rates is taken from the server with InstaForex, which kindly provides these courses. On Saturday and Sunday quotes are not updated since No updated information on exchange rates on the server the data provider.


Free Download

Download module realTimeQuotes can be a link.

Works with Joomla! 3+, Joomla! 2.5+

Module online quotes realTimeQuotes can output several times on one page, with different currency pairs and timeouts The module has caching request for quotations from the server quotes. This means that no matter how many people do not surf the site, the module makes only one request for a quote, which greatly reduces the load on your server and server quotes. The module does not make queries to the database site, does not require jQuery, does not use cURL.

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Module realTimeQuotes is freely available on the GNU GPL. In the settings module, you can choose to display a backlink: visible, or without reference. In the latter case, you will need to enter the code. Simply removing the back links of the files that breaks the extension. Here you will be able to get the code.

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