Price change in VirtueMart for different properties of the product

If you are using a functional "attribute - properties" in your store, you probably have wondered how to make that price is automatically changed when you select a property. For example, size or weight. The buyer chooses the required attribute to him the goods, selects the number and the page immediately shows the value calculated calculator. The fact is that VirtueMart sends to cart goods correctly calculate the price, but on the page always shows the base price.

Consider a situation with a concrete example. Suppose we have an online store selling jewelry. Commodity - gold ring with diamonds worth 20,452 rubles.Choose a size 16 - adds another 4,000 rubles, 750 - 2,000 more, add the item to the basket - the price of 27952. And on the page remains the same.

We offer plugin calculation price VirtueMart, so that changes are immediately displayed on the product page. The total final price will be displayed in such a case, even when the page is loaded, if the current property is not null. We also will not make any changes to the code store, and confine ourselves to one javascript file. No Ajax requests!


What should happen (base price 21 952,00 rub.)

Gold ring with diamonds
Gold ring with diamonds
Price per Unit. (piece): 21 952,00 rubles.
Gold ring with diamonds rose gold 585. The ring is decorated with 3 diamonds weighing 0.36 carats to the characteristics of at least 4/5. The average weight of 4.70 grams Ring.

Now, when we choose a 16 ring size 750, we will see a change in the price virtuemart – 27952 rubles.

Because the plug-in is the only task generation javascript and output it to the page, the plugin does not provide any additional burden on the website, and does not make additional requests to the database. Plugin can calculate the price not only for the basic price of the goods, but for the price without the discount, the one in Virtuemart is displayed crossed. The plugin is installed as a normal plugin Jumla . No changes (hacking) to the code VirtueMart is not paid. You can set the scope of the plugin, ie it can only load the page with the card product, and do not load the script on the other pages

Download VM DynamicPrice 1.1.5

The file will be sent within a few seconds at this address. At this address you will also be available for support in case of need. Note that this plugin for Virtuemart 1. X. X. only.
Works with Joomla! 1.5 VM1
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WebMoney R2 520RUB
YandexMoney2 520RUB


Plugin VM DynamicPrice will calculate the price not only on the item card, he can count on any module, as well as the category page, if you display the attributes of the goods there. In addition, you can hide the brackets with the long name attribute. That is, value added tax (2000.00 rub.), then what is indicated in brackets, in principle, it is no longer important. For those who use the component Attribute Manager , which displays the attributes of the picture, we can offer an adapted modification of the plugin.

If you do hack how to display the attributes of the category VirtueMart and output attributes of a category page, the plug-in will be considered and there. But if you are using a discount at the same time, we need to explicitly specify which of its type in the plugin settings. The script will take prices dynamically everywhere, in every block with the product, even in the modules, if they are written with attributes and properties VirtueMart.

The plugin does not interfere with the functions baskets and other functions VirtueMart , works with all versions VirtueMart 1.X.X. and Jumla 1.5. Made on a "set and everything works".


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